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Explore the versatility of our IRIS acoustic panels, known not only for their exceptional sound-absorbing capabilities but also for the added aesthetic value they bring.



Acoustic Wall Panel| Baffle

Whether you choose to mount IRIS on the wall or utilize them to craft an acoustic partition within the room, they seamlessly deliver visual, tactile, and acoustic comfort. The panels come to life with an intriguing pattern of hand-applied velvet fibers. Explore a world within them—be it the sky, sea, or ice. An oasis of tranquility and fascination awaits.


The IRIS wall panel is akin to a captivating piece of art gracing your wall, enhancing not just the visual appeal but also contributing positively to the room’s acoustic environment, elevating overall comfort.

Crafted from premium sound-absorbing foam enveloped in acoustic fiber (density), IRIS acoustic panels optimize sound absorption. They boast an impressive sound absorption value of approximately 80-85% for speech and around 90-95% for ring tones. Whether adorning your office, studio, schoolroom, or living space, IRIS proves ideal for sound absorption, mitigating reverberation, and enhancing speech clarity.

Furthermore, the IRIS acoustic panel holds a fire class C rating, extending its suitability across a broad spectrum of applications.


IRIS acoustic panels showcase a nature-inspired pattern, drawing inspiration from the color gradient of expansive snow plains, a frozen waterfall, or the ebb and flow of a clear sea. The surface is luxuriously soft and exhibits a finely textured structure with a sense of depth. When arranged in multiples, IRIS creates an additional rhythmic pattern, reminiscent of the harmonies found in both music and nature.

Scientific studies indicate our visual inclination towards organic and biomorphic shapes (Joye, 2007). These shapes play a role in stress reduction and concentration enhancement by subtly redirecting our focus. While our brains recognize that biomorphic shapes and patterns aren’t living entities, we inherently perceive them as symbolic representations of life (Vessel, 2012).

Incorporating biomorphic shapes and patterns into our interiors allows us to establish a visually preferred environment. These elements, consciously and subconsciously connecting us with nature, enhance our overall sense of well-being. Additionally, research indicates that biophilic designs—those closely tied to nature—positively impact our cognitive performance, boost creativity, and result in reduced stress.



Length 120 cm, Width 60 cm, Thickness 45 mm.
Dimensions are customizable!

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Other colours are possible on request.

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