GRUTTOactive sit-lean stool

Pure and elegant.
Unique & innovative.

Grutto ergonomic leansit standing stool
GRUTTO zitleunstoel dynamisch werken


GRUTTO is in looks and function a nice buddy,
with an outspoken character, standing on its elegant legs.

Iconic in design; GRUTTO is in its form language well positioned next to classic designs, which stay modern, though being at the same time unique.

More than only a beautiful stool, being a helpful buddy, supporting you in a comfy way:

GRUTTO sitlean stool dynamic working


GRUTTO is a stool you can sit on and lean against. In both positions you will be supported in the best ergonomic way.

Grutto highstool lean/sitpositions
Grutto foldable highstool leansit positions
Grutto ergonomic high stool leansit positions


Leaning against GRUTTO keeps you in an active ‘standing’ posture with minimal strain on your back and legs.

Did you know? that when you are standing a too long time that your lower back, hip, knee and foot joints are getting stressed for too long, which will lead to lower back pain, tired legs and swelling.
Having the GRUTTO nearby to lean against will be then a nice relief!

GRUTTO, to stay fit & vital!

When sitting down on GRUTTO you will feel directly that your back is gently pushed into the right posture.


What makes GRUTTO so comfy:
Grutto’s seat angle puts your spine in the perfect S-shape. In the S-shape our spine is able to absorb pressure and to adapt flexibly to the movements we make.

The seat surface is chosen based on research. It is proven that when your seat-hip angle is more than 90 degrees, that the oxygen transportation is better and that the pressure on your bowels is less compared to the usual 90-degree seat-hip angle. The result is less fatigue (TNO, Formanoy & Köneman, 2009).

And that is what you experience: Sitting on GRUTTO you will feel vital and active, making you a nice participant in any conversation.

Grutto actieve ergonomische hoge stoel 90
Grutto ergonomische hogeleun en zitstoel
Grutto inklapbare hogeleun zitstoel
Grutto leun zitstoel & detail


GRUTTO’s double angled seat gives you the feeling of freedom:
From the leaning position, leaning against the front seat slope, you get up quickly and easily,
but from there you also can glide easily to the rear seat to enjoy a nice high sitting position.

The front seat slope also ensures that your legs are not pinched when you sit on the stool. This prevents pain and sleeping legs.

The more we move, the healthier it is: movement stimulates our blood circulation, and enhances concentration & productivity. We feel more vital. Research shows that the best chair, is the one that encourages movement.



To keep you flexible and mobile, GRUTTO is easy to carry with you. Folded up, you can take GRUTTO with you wherever you go.

Easy to place on your side:
when you don’t need GRUTTO for a while, you can store it compactly. Place it against the wall or hang it on your standing desk.

inklapbare hoge zitleun/stoel GRUTTO
Houten kruk gemaakt met zorg in Nederland


100% in Europe

GRUTTO is constructed of solid oak and powder-coated steel.

Designed according to TU Delft’s circular design principles.

And made with love in the Netherlands.


Een praktisch en ergonomisch kruk | Elegant en duurzaam
GRUTTO sit lean stool foldable ergonomic seat


in any position!

The  GRUTTO’s seat & lean surface heights and angles are defined to be ergonomically for both small and taller people (based on the Dutch DIN P 10-90 dimensions).

Grutto inklapbare hoge & zit-leunstoel voor staand vergaderen
active high chair stool & stand up meetings
UK (foldable highchair)NL( Inklapbare hoge zit leunstoel GRUTTO)


GRUTTO supports you as a buddy. Allowing you to be an active participant in every work session.

Ideal for new ways of working: for a scrum planning session, for an active brainstorm or for at the coffee bar. For a short consultation at the bar, or to be placed near the planning board to participate well supported though still actively in the scrum session.


A classic design,
referring to the iconic designs of Jean Prouvé – the Compas Direction desk – and of Wim Rietveld & Friso Kramer – the Drafting Table & the Revolt chair- . But also referring to the well know classic school desks of the fifties to seventies.

SStilvolles Flipchart - Whiteboard auf Rädern im zeitlosen Bauhaus-Stil