Decorative, functional and sound-absorbing.

A stylish piece of art on the wall,
for inspiration, thoughts, plans and wellbeing.

KIEZEL akoestische panelen zijn gemaakt van glaswol, en vilt, ze zijn meest effectief met betrekking tot geluidsabsorptie om geluidsoverdracht en nagalm te verminderen.
Akoestisch vilt prikbord KIEZEL | geluidsabsorberend 95%
akoestiek verbeteren met KIEZEL wand panelen, stijlvol met een hoog geluidsabsorberend vermogen 90-95%


An acoustic wall composition, a well balanced, rhythmical pattern to create a feel of comfort:
Rhythm is in music and in nature. Rhythmic patterns awaken a sense of calm and well-being. KIEZEL is in this respect doubly effective: offering comfort thanks to its sound-absorbing (+80-95%) qualities and to its pattern. A refined colour gradient and a soft wool-felt ‘skin’ further enhance this effect.

Akoestisch prikbord van vilt KIEZEL


To pin your ideas, photos, plans and to-do’s on to.

A stylish pinboard to pin things on you like to have in view, for the best memories. Keep yourself inspired with KIEZEL.
A bulletin-board covered with high quality wool felt (22 mm thick).

The acoustic value of the KIEZEL bulletin-board is around 20%

akoestische prikborden van vilt
Schwarze-Brett, bulletin board made of felt, prikbord van vilt
akoestische panelen tegen galm, effectief en decoratief


KIEZEL stuffing and outer fabric are both made of a high quality acoustic material:

The inner material  is made out of extra large recycled PET fibers, giving the panels the strength and elasticity to keep its form. Thanks to its high density (40kg/m3) and thickness (52 mm) optimal acoustics are achieved.

The outer fabric is made of high quality sustainable and acoustic felt (2mm thick) from Féline.

For speech, the sound absorption value of the KIEZEL panels is over 80% and for ringtones around 90%. KIEZEL is ideal for absorbing sound, reducing reverberation and improving speech clarity in your office, studio, classroom or living room.

Eco-friendly acoustic felt


KIEZEL is covered with Féline high quality, sustainable felt, 2mm thick. It is deep in colour, made from 100% recycled and recyclable raw materials and is felted without water.

StudioVix offers a rich choice in colour:

Vilt prikbord in verschillende kleuren

YOUR acoustic panel DESIGN

Composition of choice: 

Design your own KIEZEL, select one of the below patterns, sizes and colors, for the perfect interior match.

Click on the tab below to see the different options:

Verminder galm met KIEZEL hoogwaardige akoestische wandpanelen zijn esthetische en zeer geluidsabsorberend, ideaal om galm tegen te gaan
Elegante akoestische wandpanelen met een hoog geluidsabsorberend vermogen 90-95%

Unique acoustic design

The color, the dimensions, the pattern of KIEZEL van be tailored to your interior, to your space!

Based on photos, measurements and your wishes, StudioVIX is happy to make a 3D view of your room with KIEZEL well positioned in the room for optimal sound absorption qualities.


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Acoustic impact

Why important?

Acoustics have a major impact on our well-being: Noise pollution leads to fatigue, increased blood pressure, poor concentration, irritation and less socially positive behavior.

Effectively reducing noise pollution requires an integral approach: You want to absorb noise close to the source. You want to prevent sound from swirling around, being reflected continuously and reverberating annoyingly. Acoustic panels of the right composition and thickness can help. But acoustic comfort is not an exact science, there are several factors that play a role. It is therefore that KIEZEL has been given a specific well balanced pattern, to create to the observer a feel of trust and well-being.

Geluid dempen in de woonkamer, op kantoor of in het restaurant doe je op een effectieve en elegante manier met KIEZEL akoestische panelen
Een mooie akoestische wand maken doe je met KIEZEL om om geluidsoverdracht en nagalm sterk te verminderen.