Decorative, functional and sound-absorbing.

A stylish piece of art on the wall,
for inspiration, thoughts, plans and wellbeing.


The KIEZEL panels can be used as:

  • Wall decoration
  • Bulletin board
  • Acoustic wall

Design your own KIEZEL composition -pattern and color of your choice – for the perfect fit in your interior.


An acoustic wall panel, rhythmically positioned for optimal positive impact:
Rhythm is in music and in nature. Rhythmic patterns awaken a sense of calm and well-being. KIEZEL is in this respect doubly effective: offering comfort thanks to its sound-absorbing (+80-95%) qualities and to its form. A refined colour gradient and a soft wool-felt ‘skin’ further enhance this effect even more


Om je ideeën, foto’s, plannen en to-do’s op te prikken.

Een inspiratie bord, een plek voor je vergeet-me-nietjes,
om dat bij je te hebben dat je dierbaar is dan wel wat je in het vizier wil houden. Een geheugensteuntje. Een stilistisch bord van betekenis dat leeft door er dingen op te prikken en weer af te halen.

De akoestische waarde van KIEZEL prikbord is rond 25%

To pin your ideas, photos, plans and to-dos.

An inspiration board, a place for your forget-me-nots and inspiration. To pin on that which is dear to you, A stylistic board to create stories on:  pinning your memories on.


KIEZEL stuffing and outer fabric are both made of a high quality acoustic material:

The inner material (45mm tick) is made out of extra large recycled PET fibers, giving thepanels the strength and elasticity to keep its form. Thanks to its high density (40kg/m3) optimal acoustics are achieved.

The outer fabric is made of high quality sustainable and acoustic felt (2mm thick) from Féline.

For speech, the sound absorption value of the KIEZEL panelsis around 80% and for ringtones around 90%. KIEZEL is ideal for absorbing sound, reducing reverberation and improving speech clarity in your office, studio, classroom or living room.



KIEZEL is covered with Féline high quality, sustainable felt, 2mm thick. It is deep in colour, made from 100% recycled and recyclable raw materials and is felted without water.

StudioVix offers a rich choice in colour:


Composition of choice: 

Design your own KIEZEL, select one of the below patterns, sizes and colors, for the perfect interior match.

Click on the tab below to see the different options: