TAKFlipchart rackStudio-tool

A magnetic ‘BRANCHE’ to hang all kinds of stuff on: flipchart pads, studio tools, pans, spoons, jackets, tools, inspiration, photos….

Decorative & functional!

Flipover rek in de vorm van een tak | magnetisch


TAK, a toolkit bar for many purposes. To use:

  • as a flipchart rack,
  • as a creative toolkit-bar,
  • as a coat rack for coats, bags, ties,
  • as a kitchen rack…
  • or just as wall decoration!

Flipchart rack

TAK / BRANCHE is initially designed as a flipchart rack, to hang on one or two flipchart pads. With the smaller magnetic branches you can hang the flipchart sheets on to TAK’s main branches. This to prevent the flipchart sheets to be stuck to the wall and the window.

Super handy for creative sessions.

And how nice will it be to hang several of these TAKs in your room. Connect one to the other and create a nice large branche to hang full with flipchart sheets & pads!

Magnetische flipover ophang rek voor één of meer flipovers
Studio ophangrek voor kantooraccessoires & als flipover ophangrek te gebruiken


TAK is a nice studio-tool to hang full with all kind of stuff you need in a project on hand: Color swatches, inspiration photos, ruler, scissors, …

TAK comes with multiple hooks. The hooks are nicely hidden out of sight and can be moved sideways.

The smaller branches and the bird are magnets. Very handy for hanging photos, notes, inspiration on to TAK!

Kitchen rack

TAK is certainly also handy and beautiful in the kitchen, to hang your tea towels, pans, spoons, menus, forget-me-notes on. A helping hand!
A beautiful object, which in its silhouette brings the fresh and nice outdoor feeling inside.

TAK: een design keuken-ophangrek | tevens magnetisch


Decide what your TAK will look like.
Make your own composition:  the smaller branches and the little bird are magnetic and can be placed anywhere on the two large branches. Changing the composition of the branches makes TAK alive, allowing the branches to grow and bloom.

Studio-Tool rack to create your own design | biophilic design

Hang the large branches high, low, aligned, under each other,… on the wall.

Magnetisches Studio-Tool | auch als Flipchartständer für 1 oder 2 Flipcharts verwendbar

The magnetic branches and the little bird can be placed wherever you want on one or both of the large branches.

Magnetisch studiotool | mede te gebruiken als flipover rek voor 1 á 2 flipovers

Hang up your stuff, on the many available hidden hooks.


Biophilic design is about designing inspiring, energising places and objects that bring people into contact with nature.

More than 50 studies conducted worldwide have demonstrated that nature or elements that imitate nature have a positive effect on our health and well-being.

TAK, brings the beautiful feeling of the outdoors inside!


Wherever you use TAK, in the office, at school, at home or in a restaurant, it remains a branch in silhouette that brings the outdoors in.

Flipchart - studiotool - rack | flipover & whiteboard rek
Flipchart-Hängeregal | magnetisches Studiotool für Co-Working


TAK a biophilic designed studio-tool-rack


A closed-loop for a circular economy

View the Life Cycle Analysis of TAK


TAKs circular designprincibles

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