Mobile whiteboard on sexy legs!

It is pleasant interacting with that which looks good, is intelligent and charming;
pleasing you and the interior.

Design scrumboard, whiteboard, Stijlvol, verrijdbaar, dubbelzijdig, magnetisch.
Magnetisch Whiteboard, doppelseitige Email. Premium Qualität. zeitloses Design


For every situation, person, group the perfect matching co-creation tool:

  • Whiteboard – Double-sided mobile whiteboard with two magnetic ceramic steel writing surfaces
  • Paper Roller  – 50 m A1 paper roll, for brainstorms and planning sessions.
  • Adjustable flip chart hooks – Double-sided
Kwaliteit whiteboard, verrijdbaar, magnetisch, dubbelzijdig, emaille

Pencil shelve

Marker and post-it storage box of scrum whiteboard UIL

Strorage box

Scrumboard, design whiteboard mit Papierabroller

Paper roller

Let's roll

Scrumboard UIL has sexy legs and four castors, two of which lock.

A paper roller between the legs to roll out meters of paper for spinning ideas, making plans, sharing visions.

Beautiful iconic mobile whiteboard double sided magnetic with scrumboards
Multi-finctional mobile whiteboard double sided magnetic with scrumboards

Durable quality

Durable materials, solid construction:

  • magnetic ceramic steel writing surface
  • 25 y of warranty on writing surface.
  • casters with rubber
  • premium finishing touch
  • 99% recyclable
  • 100% production in The Netherlands


For an effective & joyful scrum:

  • 5 scrum-plates: STORY, TO DO, DOING, DONE, VERIFY
  • 2 flip-chart hooks
  • 1 magnetic ruler, 70 cm long
  • Roll of paper: A1
Scrum boards, flip-chart hooks for UIL whiteboard


Whiteboard on one side, bulletin board on the other. To hang up your ideas, photos, plans and to-dos.

A double-sided inspiration board, to keep with you what is dear to you. A reminder for everything that is important and should not be forgotten.

Bulleting board made of felt, in the colour melange grey.


Stijlvol verrijdbaar whiteboard dubbelzijdig magnetisch: UIL scrumboard:
UIL scrumboard: Elegante doppelseitige Email whiteboard
UIL scrumboard: Stijlvol verrijdbaar whiteboard, uniek en slim. Circulair
groot whiteboard & pinboard | prikbord

One family

A magnetic enamel whiteboard to place against the wall, on the table or on the floor and to roll with you.

A versatile design flip-chart, whiteboard and paper roller in one. Can be placed free-standing in the room or leaned against the wall.

> UIL:
A mobile magnetic, double-sided enamel whiteboard, with paper roller, storage box and scrum set.

StudioVIX design whiteboards, flip-chart, mobile & stylefull
stijlvolle whiteboard en flipovers | Flipcharts

One style

SNIP Flex whiteboard, STRUIS Designboard and UIL Scrum whiteboard form together one family. A uniform design style for a well balanced interior.

Each family member – SNIP, STRUIS, UIL – has its own innovative properties. As visual communication-tools they complement each other.

Classic and timeless in their design, made from sustainable materials, designed according to the circular design principles, they offer a nice basis for long-lasting interaction!


Double sided magnetic whiteboard, mobile with scrum plates

Customized dimensions, colors, with pinboard are possible.

Multi-functionele verrijdbare whiteboard met flip-over haken en papier roller



Closed loop recycling for the circular economy

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Made according to the circular design principles

StudioVIX design biophilic-circular interior products


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