Design coat rack, idea tree with bird magnets.

Design coat rack / idea tree

  • With magentic birds
  • 2*3 hangers: branches & buds
  • Powder coated steel
  • Biophilic Circular

Design coat rack: a tree with branches and buds

Kapstok met Kapstok BOOM met vogelmagneten voor notities, inspiratie en ideeën.

Idea tree:  bird magnets for ideas, notes, compliments

Design kapstok met vele ophang mogelijkheden

Design coat rack with extra hooks!


Multiple design coat racks,
multiple ‘idea-trees’,
makes a forest,
bringing nature into the interior,
creating inspiration &
positive impact on human well-being

Coat racks in the for of a tree. Biophilic design


Many scientific studies show that nature-based designs have a positive effect on our well-being: reducing stress, improving concentration, stimulating creativity and feeding positive moods.

Biophilic design is about designing environments and objects that bring people into contact with nature.


On design coat rack BOOM an acoustic screen in the form of a leaf  can be positioned. The acoustic leaf offers acoustic and visual sheltering in a pleasurable manner.
To create a biophilic circular well-being ambiance.

More info about this acoustic option: BLAD/LEAF
vogels die fluiten op een stijlvolle kapstok BOOM

SPECIFICATIONS BOOM design coat rack

Elegante kapstok BOOM met vogelmagneten, voor ideeën, complimenten en jassen


Closed loop recycling for the circular economy

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Our circular design principles

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Bringing the beauty of nature into the interior