The StudioVIX Products are designed according to the circular design principles:
aiming to maximize lifetime usage > minimizing waste, energy consumption and footprint > assuring material re-use, preserving its original values.

The StudioVIX manifest

We want to make products which last in their beauty & quality. We carefully select our materials, meeting human en environmental health standards. We aim for minimal material usage and material differentiation. Where more than 1 material is used they are easy to separate and replace. We use sustainable materials (steel, glass enamel, FSC paper / wood, recycled textiles), which are locally sourced.

Our products are designed in such a way that they require minimal space when transported (as that is an important footprint contributor). We consciously produce near our main markets; in the Netherlands. All parts of our products are easily replaceable to extend the product life cycle.

Biophilic design

The StudioVIX products are inspired by nature,
aiming to bring her energy into your space.

Coat racks in the for of a tree. Biophilic design


for well-being

Research shows time and time again that nature-based designs have a positive effect on our well-being: stress reduction, improved concentration, accelerated recovery from fatigue and diseases, making us feel more positive, happier. This on its turn improves social interaction, our energy management, how we view things (more positive), creativity and productivity.


the effect of biophilic design on people

What biophilic designs can bring to well-being:

  • reducing stress; lowering blood pressure and heart rate (research findings of: Brown, Barton & Gladwell 2013; Van den Berg, Savory, State, 2007; Tsunetsugu & Myazaki 2005)
  • improving mental involvement and attention (Biederman & Vessel 2006)
  • reducing stress, increasing concentration and positively supporting our observations (Vessel, 2012; Joye, 2007)
  • having a positive influence on our sense of well-being (Barton & Pretty, 2010)
  • stimulating creativity and human interactions (A.F. Taylor, F. Kuo, W.C. Sullivan)
  • having a calming effect after a stressful experience, leading to a decrease in muscle tone, heart rate and skin conduction (R. Ulrich)
StudioVIX makes Biophilic circulaire interieur producten

StudioVIX Products

in looks, benefits and names inspired by nature

Vogelhuis met papierrol voor notities, ideeën. Vogelhaus mit papierrolle, A birdhouse with roll of paper for ideas and notes.


Smart & agile

Blue-tits are smart and agile songbirds.
They have good learning skills, allowing them to adapt quickly to new environments. They are creative when it comes to finding new ways to survive. They are great gymnast, clinging to the outermost branches and hanging upside down to change views, widening perspectives

Papierroller voor notities, plannen en ideeën. Bla-Tit Vogelhuis
STRUIS designboard verrijdbare flip-over, whiteboard met paprierrol. mobile flip-chart, whiteboard with paperroller; circular, magnetic, enamel


Fast & strong

Ostriches (= Struis) are fast, sprinting up to 70 km / h thanks to their strong legs. They are social, living in groups with other savanna animals (disciplines) to complement each other’s senses (weaknesses). So ideal for innovation interactions and agile-scrum sprints !!

Iconic mobile flip-chart with paper roller - Designboard STRUIS
UIL scrumboard: Stijlvol verrijdbaar whiteboard dubbelzijdig magnetisch; Stylefull mobile whiteboard doublesided magnetic with scrumboards


Sharp hearing & vision

Owls ( = Uil), with their characteristic large flat face, are known for their farsighted binocular views tand their sharp binuaral hearing, allowing them to see depths in dark and  to define direction.  This make them effective hunters.

Magnetisch Scrum Whiteboard op wielen – dubbelzijdig emaile schrijfoppervlak
Design kapstok, ideeënboom. Biophilic design. Design coat rack, idea tree, bird magnets. Design Kleiderständer. Garderobe Ideenbaum.


Sturdy & supportive

Coat Rack TREE, is as sturdy and supportive as a tree, with branches, nudes and birds (-magnets). Branches and nuds to hang coats on. Bird magnets to click on ideas, compliments, do-not-forget notes.

Coat racks in the for of a tree. Biophilic design
BLAD akoestisch scherm prikbord, circulair. Biophilic-circular, acoustic object, pinboard. Bio-zirkulär akustisches Schild Schwarzes Brett


Circular & multi-functional

Acoustic pinboard LEAF is as circular as a real leaf, made of 100% reused textiles & it also offers acoustics and humidity regulation in your environment. You can hang LEAF-TREE full of ideas!

BLAD akoestisch scherm prikbord, circulair. Biophilic-circular, acoustic object, pinboard. Bio-zirkulär akustisches Schild Schwarzes Brett
BLOEM design vloerlamp 3 lampenkappen, elegant, circulair. Biophilic-design floor lamp flower 3 lampshades. Design Stehleuchte.


lighting you up!

Lamp Flower is lighting up your spot. As Snow Clock popping up out of the winter landscape, announcing spring & summer warmth and light. Lighting you up.

Biophilic-design floor lamp FLOWER with 3 lampshades. Iconic & circular


“Beautiful, beautiful, what is beautiful? Beauty is powerful. Nature is always powerful. You never have a tree or a flower that is drowsy. What is formed in nature is super-efficient. There is a kind of logic in it that is the result of millions of years of evolution. That power, that logic must be in it. All good designs have that. ”  _ Joep van Lieshout_ artist