Acoustic lego panels
Create a fascinating acoustic landscape.

Decorative & sound absorbing.



IRIS akoestisch paneel om fascinerende landschappen mee te creëren


IRIS shapes itself to your changing acoustic needs.

Create and recreate the most fascinating acoustic landscapes and make a graphical statement in your office or home.
A smart lego-click-systems allows easy mounting of the IRIS panels. 3D acoustic shapes can be created, clicking the IRIS panels in parallel or perpendicular aligned to each other or to the wall/ceiling.


Create the composition and acoustic function meeting your needs.

IRIS and acoustic desk panel in circle form
Akoestisch bel cel om rustig te bellen
Akoestische panelen om als lego panelen aan elkaar te koppelen
Akoestisch paneel decoratief en geluidsabsorberend
Biophilic designed furniture for welbeing


Whichever way you position the IRIS panels a nice rhythmic pattern will be formed.
Rhythm is the pattern of sound creating music. Rhythmic patterns you find in nature, they give structure and trust.
The IRIS panels in a circle resemble the iris of our eye, multicoloured, starting with with one colour (white) near the center then shifting to a different color (blue) toward the edge of the iris (called central heterochromia).
The feel of the IRIS panel is as soft as the petal of the flower IRIS or Bindweed, creating an emotion of warmth & gentleness.

Biomorphic forms & patterns are symbolic references to contoured, patterned, textured or numerical arrangements that persist in nature.

We have a visual preference for organic and biomorphic forms. (Joye, 2007). While our brain knows that biomorphic forms and patterns are not living things, we may describe them as symbolic representations of life (Vessel, 2012).

Biophilic designs help us to create environments that allow users to make connections to nature with as side effects: enhanced cognitive performance and reduced stress.


IRIS acoustic panels enhance besides the aesthetics also the acoustical qualities of your office, restaurant, waiting room, home…

The IRIS panels are made of a high quality acoustic filling covered by an acoustic ‘felt’. They effectively absorb sound waves, preventing them to reflect off and travel throughout your room. The sound absorption is of the IRIS panels 80% at speech frequency and 85-90% at higher frequencies like ringing tones. In addition, introducing IRIS Acoustic Panels improves speech clarity, reduces sound propagation, eliminates disturbing flutter echoes and decays the total sound field faster.


IRIS acoustic panel, for the best comfort in anyspace

The IRIS acoustic lego panels can be
1:  mounted on the wall
2:  mounted on the ceiling; flat or free-hanging
3:  used as acoustic desk-screen of phone booth*

* The IRIS smart lego-click system allows a two-directional positioning of the panels to the wall or to each other.


IRIS acoustic panel, stylistic and for functional use
IRIS-acoustic-panel, Biophilic Design
Design acoustic panel for meetings
IRIS-acoustic-panel, De meest intrigerende patronen, vormen en landschappen zijn er mee te creëren van muur tot plafond tot vrijstaand of hangend in de ruimte.
IRIS Akustik Paneel, Hochwertiges Design mit schönem Farbverlauf
IRIS-acoustic-panel, Is een geluidsabsorberende paneel die de galm in de ruimte vermindert.
IRIS Akustik-Panel, um faszinierende akustische Landschaften zu schaffen: an der Wand, an der Decke, auf dem Schreibtisch, wo auch immer Sie möchten.
IRIS akoestisch paneel. IRIS is voorzien van een slim ‘lego’-koppelsysteem waarmee je de akoestisch panelen aan elkaar en aan de muur / plafond kan klikken.
IRIS acoustic panel, panels can be made to any size
IRIS acoustic panel, an art object with sound-absorbing effect
IRIS Akustik Paneel, kunstobjekt mit schallschluckender Wirkung
IRIS acoustic panel to circle decorative against the wall
IRIS-acoustic-panel, Design
IRIS-acoustic-panel, Ruimte om te kunnen bellen en galm te verminderen.
IRIS-acoustic-panel, to create fascinating acoustic landscapes, against the wall, on the ceiling, on the desk,.
IRIS Akustik Paneel, für wirksame Schallabsorption



Radius 500 mm, diameter 1000 mm, thickness 40 mm


Other options are possible on request


Click on to each other!


Create your preferred IRIS lanscape with the easy to click-on-click-off  acoustic ‘lego’ panels!
Made of a circular material, being already for a 70% recycled.