Elegant and functional.

A magnetic whiteboard with marker holder and shelf in a sleek design.

Elegant wand whiteboard, magnetisch, emaille met pennenhouder
Design-Whiteboard, magnetisch, emailliert mit elegantem Stifthalter


– Magnetic enamel writing surface
– Marker holder
– Storage shelf


Giving a balanced geometric game of lines and surfaces.
GEKKO whiteboard, a sleek appearance:

– a framed canvas
– a marker holder folded from a steel sheet
– a storage shelf with raised edge at the front made of powder-coated steel, with a fine surface structure.

A decorative asset to any wall.

Elegant Wand-Whiteboard, magnetisch, emaille met markerhouder
Elegant whiteboard met een stijlvolle markerhouder in een strak design


GEKKO wall whiteboard features a handy storage option for five whiteboards markers and a shelf for the eraser, post-its or a notebook.


GEKKO wall whiteboard remains pretty.
A big magnetic, 90*120 cm enamel whiteboard,
colourfast & scratch-resistant, with a 25-year warranty.

Why Enamel

Compared with glass or film (and other materials), enamelled steel gives the best performance as a whiteboard surface. Although enamel and glass have the same erasing quality, readability on enamel is better. Compared with film, besides having a much better maintenance quality, enamel also provides a more streamlined surface.

GEKKO een slim magnetisch emaille whiteboard in een strak ontwerp


The Gekko gets its name from the special animal it is. The Gecko can climb walls like no other, just like our whiteboard hangs against the wall.

Another fun fact about this special creature is that Geckos can store food in their tails. In the whiteboard, this aspect is reflected in the storage shelf and marker holder.


Design magnetic wall whiteboard with marker holder



GEKKO Wall Whiteboard+ Carbon Footprint en ECO costs

Bekijk de Life Cycle Analysis van GEKKO Wall Whiteboard

Ontworpen conform de circulaire design principes

StudioVIX design biophilic-circular interior products


Together with design board STRUIS, scrum board OWL and flex whiteboard SNIP, wall whiteboard GEKKO form together one family. The whiteboards have a uniform design style for harmony and tranquility in the interior. Aesthetics and functionality in a sleek design.

GEKKO is ideal for on the wall in the office or meeting room.


Style full Flipchart | flip-over with magnetic whiteboard
STRUIS designboard

STRUIS a versatile design flipchart, whiteboard and paper roller in one. Can be placed freestanding in the room or leaning against the wall.

Elegante, Magnetisches Whiteboard mit Papierabroller und Scrum Boards
UIL dubbelzijdig whiteboard

UIL a mobile magnetic, double-sided enamel whiteboard, with paper roller, storage box and scrum set.

SNIP flex-whiteboard & Flipchart, Style full & versatile
SNIP flex whiteboard

SNIP, a magnetic enamel whiteboard to place anywhere against the wall, on the table or on the floor and
to roll with you everywhere.

GEKKO Wall Whiteboard

GEKKO, a magnetic enamel wall whiteboard with handy storage options for whiteboard markers,
swipers, post-its and magnets.

GEKKO in style

A decorative asset to any wall, for the nicest interactions.