A flower that blossoms and glows!

Elegant and cheerful.

A design classic.

Design stehleuchte Blume met 3 lampenschirme. Bio-philisch-zirkulär


BLOEM floor lamp is iconic, elegant, and powerful.

A three-legged floor lamp, with three rotatable lampshades.

Made of powder coated steel, standing on three solid legs.

In looks, finishing touch and quality an absolute design classic.

Let this lamp glow!


The BLOEM lampshades are rotatable to focus the light in three directions as so to create the most beautiful ambiance.

Each lampshades opens gently creating a subtile light effect.

BLOEM iconic floor lamp circulair. Biophilic-design


BLOEM the new focal point in every room. To get happy about, the BLOEM that blooms and glows, that illuminates your place!

The silhouette is just a snowdrop, announcing the coming of spring.

Flowers make us happy, they arouse an emotion of joy and gratitude, regardless of our age, origin, or gender. (Rutger University, New Jersey)

Let BLOEM brighten up you and your space!


BLOEM floor lamp is powerful and sustainable in its design and choice of material.

  • 3 rotatable lampshades
  • Frame + lampshades made out of steel with a fine-textured powder coating
  • Colours: black (white and other colours on request)
  • Cable: 200 cm, in black
  • Dimensions: h. 160 cm, w. 50 cm on floor level, 96 cm on lampshades level

Designer: Kitty de Groot & Menno Mastenbroek

Biophilic-design floor lamp FLOWER with 3 lampshades. Iconic & circular


Flowers have a positive effect on our social behaviour, on our memory, and on our mood. They inspire social networks, refresh our memory and relief depression. (‘The Emotional Impact of Flowers’, University of New Jersey)

Flowers give the perfect boost. We feel happier and more energetic when we look at flowers; they ‘open’ your day positively.

Having flowers in the house reduces our stress level and improves our mood. (University of North Florida)

Multiple studies have shown that representation of nature – paintings, shapes, objects,,.. –  relax us and positively influence our mood.

Let BLOEM generate a positive energy for you.

Een Biophilic-design interieur met BLOEM vloerlamp


BLOEM floor lamp stands perkily on its three legs and blossoms and glows! With three opening flowers – the three rotatable flower shades – walls, ceiling, work surface can be beautifully illuminated.

A fascinating play of light, a pleasant ambiance.
A flower landscape of shades and light.




Closed loop recycling for the circular economy

View the Life Cycle Analysis of BLOEM floor lamp

Designed according to the circular design principles.

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BLOEM floor lamp blossoms when it gets dark. It’s shadow play brings several flowers to blossom in the room.

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