Visual Impact!

Nothing as nice and clear as visual communication.
It inspires. It makes people more creative, effective and involved.
It makes communication more fun and impactful.

STRUIS designboard verrijdbare flip-over, whiteboard met paprierrol. mobile flip-chart, whiteboard with paperroller; circular, magnetic, enamel


1 minute tutorials _ visual thinking

UIL scrumboard: Stijlvol verrijdbaar whiteboard dubbelzijdig magnetisch; Stylefull mobile whiteboard doublesided magnetic with scrumboards

More Impact

Visual Thinking in the workspace, why effective?

Why do we write and draw on walls and whiteboards?

Mister Kevin Wessels interviewed a great many professionals – in a visual interactive manner – to get a clear answer on this question.

Wessel’s results: “There are 3 main reasons why people add notes, drawings and plannings  to their workspace:


Writing on whiteboards, on large surfaces in the workspace is an effective manner of brainstorming with others and/or yourself. Because: One, it clears mind, giving your brains the capacity to continue the brainstorm flow. Two, to view your ideas from another perspective. On top when sharing your ideas with others they add their perspectives to is so that the idea can be deepened and the brainstorflow continues. Three, having the idea present in your workspace it keeps on tickling your brains, with as result you elaborate further on it, making the idea smarter.


To get a complex story across in a simple and effective manner. To grab attention and to make impact. This by writing down strong statements or making a simple sketch, visualising the essence of your story. Bringing across an expression, an emotion, an experience. In my interviews I identified a clear pattern: People start presentations verbally. When they reckon that their message is not understood they visualize their point. Most people however said: they would gain in time and attention when they would using visuals quicker.

'TO-DO' focus

One of my most remarkable research results is the TO-DO lists people daily make. Many people love to write down their tasks for the day on a whiteboard, to have it visibly present in their workspace. It is their motivator, their engine, their focus-board for the day. It continue reminds them on what  to get done that day. It gives focus. And nothing so nice as crossing through that what you have done. Most poeple make their To-DO-list in the morning to start their day organised. It gives them control, it reliefs stress, as you cannot forget that what is standing there. And many respondents mentioned it gives them a fresh look on the some endless working days.

Nice & Effective!

Robert Paulusse, Buro BRAND, about the impact of Visual Thinking

You can talk, you can write memos, you can make powerpoints, but to create a shared view sketching a drawing is far so effective. It creates involvement, focus and understanding, certainly when concerning complex problems.

“It is nice to see that people become a bit bolder when drawing; they dare more and more is accepted. You are not pinned down to one word. You cannot offend someone when drawing.

You can visualize project roadmaps, customer journeys, business goals, bringing them in view of everyone to evolve on. It is fun and it requires minimal effort to cooperate. Visual communication makes complexity light, creates sympathy, what contributes to creativity an democratic interactions.


Buro Brand, Visual Thninking books”

UIL scrumboard: Stijlvol verrijdbaar whiteboard dubbelzijdig magnetisch; Stylefull mobile whiteboard doublesided magnetic with scrumboards
Voor brainstorms, notuleren een vogelhuis met papierrol

Social interaction

Visual Thinking giving meaning to the conversation

Nothing as nice, as  being among others
Sharing thoughts, enriching eachother
Experiencing emotions
Viewing face and body expressions
Feeling the energy of the other
Hearing nuances in the voices
It gives meaning to what we say
It makes the dialogue rich
Writing and drawing your thoughts in the physical space
On whiteboards and walls
Makes the interaction far more richer than a digital conversation.
You see and experience the full of each other
Using all your senses
Giving sense to the social interaction

Paper roller on the flip-chart for visual communication at Villa Jongerius

Visual Thinking Impact Icons

A simple drawing says more than 1000 words

Below simple drawings to use to make communication more effective and joyful!

Visual Thinking Emotions

Visual Thinking

Draw fast a symphatic man & woman

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