Mobile whiteboard on sexy legs!

It is a pleasure to interact with that what is good looking, intelligent and charming;
pleasing you and the interior.


For every situation, person, group the perfect matching co-creation tool:

  • Whiteboard – Double-sided mobile whiteboard with two magnetic ceramic steel writing surfaces
  • Paper Roller  – 50 m A1 paper roll, for brainstorms and planning sessions.
  • Adjustable flip chart hooks – Double-sided

Pencil shelve

Strorage box

Paper roller

Let's roll

Scrumboard UIL has sexy legs and four castors, two of which lock.

A paper roller between the legs to roll out meters of paper for spinning ideas, making plans, sharing visions.

Double-sided magnetic ceramic steel writing surfaces

Premium quality & finishing

Timeless design

Durable quality

Durable materials, solid construction:

  • magnetic ceramic steel writing surface
  • 25 y of warranty on writing surface.
  • casters with rubber
  • premium finishing touch
  • 99% recyclable
  • 100% production in The Netherlands




Closed loop recycling for the circular economy

View Life Cycle Analysis of UIL

Made according to the circular design principles