Versatile & elegant.


Nice on the wall,
easy to roll with you and to place anywhere on the table or on the floor.

elegant magnetisch design whiteboard, wand & vrijstaand
Mobile flex whiteboard, magnetic, innovative


SNIP Flex whiteboard
for an inspiring workplace.
To become your beloved ‘notebook’ for thoughts, ideas and plans.

A magnetic enamel writing board, notebook or canvas, you name it.
To roll to any place.
For new ways of flex working and flex-meetings.
To use inside, outside,  in the office, at home or at the client.
For joyful interactions in a stylish way!


Lift up, roll along, expand, collapse, hang up.
SNIP Flex whiteboard to roll with you to work and meet at any spot.

Whiteboard & Flipchart

SNIP for the best matching communication style:
Writing on an enamel writing surface or on a flipchart paper.
On the magnetic enamel writing-board the flipchart paper notes can be clicked on to present.
Ideal for work sessions & break-out-sessions. Give every team their own SNIP canvas to roll with them anywhere, to brainstorm on and to present on.


SNIP Flex whiteboard comes with

  • a magnetic, ceramic writing-board, scratch-resistant and colorfast
  • a smart designed wall shelf, pen tray, to position SNIP against the wall
  • a folding rear leg, for a freestanding position
  • two wheels, stylishly integrated, to roll SNIP from spot to spot
  • a hidden handle on the backside
  • flexible hooks to hang SNIP anywhere: on the wall, on a rail or on the door
  • adjustable flipchart hooks
SNIP flex whiteboard for on the wall or freestanding
SNIP flex-whiteboard magnetisch en multi-inzetbaar


SNIP Flex whiteboard for many applications:

  • for at home to write down and check off your ‘to do’s’
  • to take along into the agile meeting, with your own “to do’s”, “doing” & “dones” at hand
  • to work with your team on an assignment in a work-out session
  • to prepare your presentation and take it with you into the meeting room
  • to put at the door with a welcome message
  • to write down the menu and to roll it from table to table

At hand

SNIP Flex whiteboard, the perfect visual communication-tool for a spontaneous meeting.

There where the coffee is.
Where you find a nice informal seating spot.
Or to use at the picknick table in the fresh air!

flex whiteboard for new ways of working
Stijlvol whiteboard voor in het thuiskantoor

For the Home Office


and therefore nice for at home.
A geometric composition of lines and surfaces, beautifully finished.

A magnetic ceramic writing surface, in a finely structured, powder-coated steel frame, which feels fine and looks stylefull.

One family

A magnetic enamel whiteboard to place against the wall, on the table or on the floor and to roll with you.

A magnetic enamel wall whiteboard with handy storage options for whiteboard markers, swipers, post-its and magnets.

A versatile design flip-chart, whiteboard and paper roller in one. Can be placed free-standing in the room or leaned against the wall.

> UIL:
A mobile magnetic, double-sided enamel whiteboard, with paper roller, storage box and scrum set.

Stijlvolle whiteboarden en flipovers van StudioVIX, veelzijdig voor extra communicatie plezier

One style

SNIP Flex whiteboard, > GEKKOl wall whiteboard + , STRUIS Designboard and UIL Scrum whiteboard form together one family. A uniform design style for a well balanced interior.

Each family member – SNIP, STRUIS, UIL – has its own innovative properties. As visual communication-tools they complement each other.

Classic and timeless in their design, made from sustainable materials, designed according to the circular design principles, they offer a nice basis for long-lasting interaction!


SNIP Flex whiteboard für flexibles Arbeiten und flexible Besprechungen

SNIP Flex whiteboard Carbon Footprint and ECO costs

based on a closed loop for a circular economy.

View the Life Cycle Analysis of SNIP Flex Whiteboard

Designed according to the circular design principles.

StudioVIX design biophilic-circular interior products

Flex-work anywhere



To inspire interactions

SNIP in use!

View the SNIP Flex whiteboard videoclip