An acoustic panel in the shape of a leaf, made from recycled textile, resting on a ‘tree’ made of powder-coated steel.

In looks and in features it assembles nature, bringing nature into the interior!

Sound absorption class A +

Acoustic insulation made of 100% recycled textile

Made by people with a distance to the labor market. Product profits go partly to their labor-education program.



High sound absorption values on all frequencies: On speech frequencies (500Hz-2000Hz) the absorption value is even 1! Ditto for high frequencies (> 2000Hz). But also on the low, heavy tones (<500Hz), which are generally difficult to damp, it performs acoustically well.
Measured according to the standard UNI EN ISO 11654 in the echo chamber of the Technical University of Delft.


The leaf is made of felt from recycled textiles, filled with acoustic insulation from old jeans. As we press the fibers to a higher density it results in a very good acoustic panel. The long fibers of cotton make the sound waves well absorped. The acoustic specifications are so good that this insulation is extremely suitable for reducing noise and reverberation.

Read the acoustics measurement report of sound absorption in a reverberation room


  • acoustic panel
  • double-sided pin-board
  • magnetic tree + 2 bird magnets
  • coat rack

Bird magnets 2x

Magnetic ‘tree’ 

Pinning inspirations on the leave of felt


When placing multiple BLAD products -leafs on trees- together, a forest is created. A peaceful forest full of  inspiration.


BLAD /leaf (145×85 cm) is positioned at mouth height, both when sitting and standing (from 55 to 200 cm above the ground), for effective sound absorption.
BLAD is easy to move to any place where acoustic or visual privacy is requested.
Most effective is to place BLAD in the corner of the room, where sound lingers, or directly near or in between the sound source(s).


Many scientific studies show that nature-based designs have a positive effect on our well-being: reducing  stress, improving concentration, accelerating recovery from fatigue and diseases, creating a more positive mood and a happier feeling. It is therefore why StudioVIX designes are inspired by and refer to nature, to bring inspiration and energy into any space.


The leaf is made of 3 recycling flows:

Felt made of recycled textile (outer layer);
Acoustic insulation of old jeans, offering good acoustic & humidity-regulating properties such as a real leave.
Ecor sheet, made of cellulose waste (such as paper, cardboard, wood, beer roast and coffee drap; and forms the core of the ‘leaf’).

From the felt, the acoustic insulation and Ecor again felt and Ecor can be made of the same high quality.



Closed loop recycling for the circular economy

View the Life Cycle Analysis of BLAD