BLÅ TIT A1Birdhouse withPaper Roll

Breeding ground for creativity!

for writing and drawing on the wall
ideas, thoughts, plans or little notes!

The iconic birdhouse creates sympathy,
bringing the breeding birds in house!

visueel communiceren met vogelhuisje bla-tit kantoorinrichting

Breeding ground for creativity!

A birdhouse with a large roll of paper (50mx61cm)

  • to mount on the wal
  • to place on the table

Functional and aesthetic!
For in the office, in the restaurant,
at school or in the kitchen.
For thoughts, menu’s, to do’s……

creatieve broedplaats scrum
studiovix papierrolhouder detail

Writing wallpaper

Yes you can write and draw on the wall.

For writing down menu’s, to do’s or plans,
making them nicely visual in a sympathetic way.

For brainstorms to let the creative brains ‘roll’.

For meetings, and scrums
to have inspiring dialogues,
to visualize plans and visions.
so that they are better conceptualized and memorized.

design papierrolhouder interieurarchitectuur UCo




Closed loop recycling for the circular economy

View the Life Cycle Analysis of BLA-TIT A1.